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Dukanline was Launched on Apr 8th 2014 triggered by the idea of creating The Largest Retailer of India with out owning any shop and inventory. Dukanline is word that is born from mix of two words(Dukan + Online)- Dukan means in Hindi Neighborhood shop. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Dukanline helps small neighborhood retailers to sell more than what they stock with technology product by the name ‘Business-in-Box’ in a tablet with Dukanline Operating System Built on Android. Our Solution helps brands connect untaped consumers through Neighborhood retailers. We are in the making of Largest Branded Network of Neighborhood Online Shops.

Our Dukanline Platform helps retailers to sell products and services with out stocking and expanding their shop. We empower retailers to sell products and services which they dont stock. This will help retailers to fulfil orders of their small group of loyal consumer. Dukanline platform improves Cashflow for retailers while they source their inventory in time by reducing the shelf life by ordering products in time and on demand. Our Platform banks upon the relationship and trust that the consumers share with their local neighborhood retailer to penetrate through a segment of consumers those could not be reached by brands with out setting up traditional distribution networks.

Today if any brand needs to grow they have to setup traditional distribution network by spending lot of money,time and man power but with Dukanline,Brands can plug in their products in 15 minutes launch the products across untaped markets . Once brand creates the products in our iSellerz Platform those products are visible across our Branded Network of online shops where consumer can browse the product and order (or) Retailer can order to stock the product for later sale to consumer. This eliminates huge infrastructure cost for brands in expansion along with Capital Expense in setting such traditional Distribution network.

Consumer will have plenty of choice to shop at local neighborhood online shop where he regularly buys.Consumer is end up dealing with known retailer for ages who has gain trust , Relationship for over the years. This comfort would help consumer to access all brands at Dukanline neighborhood online shops

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Dukanline’s Business in a Box Solution for Retailers and its Features

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Rather than words we prefer showing the real stories of retailers and partners
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